Pumping Myself with a BIG Dildo

I had to fuck myself before I got into the shower after a long day of whoring. I was so wet and horny, but nobody pleased my enough to get me to cum. Its girth rubbed along my insides and touched me in my secret places, and I bet myself over to envelope it in my fuckhole. It’s a good thing I was already in the bathroom- I dripped wet pussy juice everywhere and everything was so slippery!

POV Dildo Masturbation

It’s so deep inside of me! I can feel the head pushing against my cervix and it hurts so good. I sneak a finger into my asshole to double the pleasure as I fuck my favourite dildo. It’s a shame it won’t spurt spunk all over me- I’m just so hungry for semen that I wish I was riding a real man’s cock instead of a toy. But… it’ll do for now, I think as I feel the lovely veins caressing my insides.

Impale Me!

I know you’ve had a long day… why don’t you let me ride your cock about it? I’ll slide up and down the length of your shaft and grip you with my love muscles. I’ve been wearing my buttplug all day waiting for you- you wouldn’t believe how horny I am. Grab me by my hips and stick it in- just push yourself in there until you get through. Ream me hard and grab my tits- my nipples are so hard! I can feel the blood rushing between my legs as I let you in- won’t you spray hot cum inside me? Won’t you cover my tits in semen and creampie me until I’m impregnated? If you take my buttplug out you can cum in my ass as many times as you want.

Enter me?

I want my fuckholes filled so badly! I can feel my pussy getting so wet while I think about thick cocks filling my tight holes with hot semen. When I spread my lips I can hear the wetness inside gurgling hungrily- it’s preparing my snatch for a rough pounding. Have a look inside! My fertile womb is beyond ready to be blasted with a massive load.

Jade spreads her lips so you can see inside.