POV Dildo Masturbation

It’s so deep inside of me! I can feel the head pushing against my cervix and it hurts so good. I sneak a finger into my asshole to double the pleasure as I fuck my favourite dildo. It’s a shame it won’t spurt spunk all over me- I’m just so hungry for semen that I wish I was riding a real man’s cock instead of a toy. But… it’ll do for now, I think as I feel the lovely veins caressing my insides.


I can feel it plunging into me! My tits bounce as I pleasure myself, and I can’t get it deep enough inside me. The thought of shoving the other cock into my ass for some double-penetration is overwhelming!

Enter me?

I want my fuckholes filled so badly! I can feel my pussy getting so wet while I think about thick cocks filling my tight holes with hot semen. When I spread my lips I can hear the wetness inside gurgling hungrily- it’s preparing my snatch for a rough pounding. Have a look inside! My fertile womb is beyond ready to be blasted with a massive load.

Jade spreads her lips so you can see inside.