Let’s play!

Jade’s pussy grips the toy as it slides in and out of her while she fucks herself.

How much pleasure can one person take? I shudder as I masturbate, and my pussy makes a seductive gurgling noise as the toy slides in and out from between my lips. Its shape allows it to stroke my inner pleasure centers, touching me in ways that make me lose control of my limbs. The hotness between my legs is becoming unbearable- how much longer before I cum???

Impale Me!

I know you’ve had a long day… why don’t you let me ride your cock about it? I’ll slide up and down the length of your shaft and grip you with my love muscles. I’ve been wearing my buttplug all day waiting for you- you wouldn’t believe how horny I am. Grab me by my hips and stick it in- just push yourself in there until you get through. Ream me hard and grab my tits- my nipples are so hard! I can feel the blood rushing between my legs as I let you in- won’t you spray hot cum inside me? Won’t you cover my tits in semen and creampie me until I’m impregnated? If you take my buttplug out you can cum in my ass as many times as you want.


I can feel it plunging into me! My tits bounce as I pleasure myself, and I can’t get it deep enough inside me. The thought of shoving the other cock into my ass for some double-penetration is overwhelming!

Deep Thrusting

Jade thrusts the toy into herself from behind and moans softly.

She pleasures herself with the veiny dildo, gawking at her stomach as the head of the cock thrusts against her cervix. All she wishes is that it would spurt cum into her deepest organs.